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How To Use OKR To Measure What Matters

What is OKR? - Measuring What Matters with OKRs

OKR, which stands for Objectives and Key Results, is a strategic framework intricately linking objectives to pivotal results. The essence of this concept lies in comprehending the significance of the “K” in Key Results. Simply put, OKR is a structured approach for establishing and monitoring objectives along with their outcomes. Objectives, representing the qualitative aspect, articulate the aspirations and intentions within a defined timeframe. On the other hand, Key Results (KR) form the quantitative dimension, guiding individuals or teams toward the achievement of a goal. To simplify, objectives encapsulate goals and intentions, while Key Results are specific, measurable targets set within these goals and intentions.

It’s crucial not to conflate OKR with its counterpart, KPI, where KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. This is a quantifiable metric showcasing the effectiveness of a company in realizing key business objectives. While there may be similarities between KPIs and key results in an OKR framework, distinguishing them is vital—OKR represents an outcome, whereas KPI serves as a measurement.

How to use OKR?

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OKR is often misinterpreted as a zero-sum game, but instead, there are processes and collaborations involved. They are containers for goals, serving both good goals and bad ones. OKRs are the easiest to misuse, overuse, and abuse of all the known management tools. To get a good OKR, that is, to measure what matters and accelerate your organization’s success, follow me through the how-to below.


1. Keeping it Smart : SMART stands for:

2. Interpret your Objectives

It is also important to interpret your objectives using the accurate interpretation processes such as sharing/cascading. The organization’s objectives may be overwhelming for some employees since they cannot see how their jobs are contributing to the company’s success. For example, as a payroll clerk, how do I help my company reach 10,000 users? Therefore, it is vital to share higher-level objectives so that all members of your organization are well aligned with the vision

3. Bottom-up OKR

This is one common anti-pattern, usually encountered in management. Examples are cases where managers create the OKRs for the employees, the financial team defining the expected results for everyone or product managers creating the OKRs for the team, etc. The problem here is that goals that are created by “planners” and handed down to “implementers” are usually wrong. It is better to have people doing the work, also helping you find ambitious and realistic goals. Set from the bottom up, not top-down.

4. Planning an End Game

Another way to use OKR to measure what matters is by planning the yields rather than actions. It should not be used to do things but to achieve things. The question here is, what is the difference? Your natural preference is to use OKR to express a plan of action like:
O: Become an executive in the enterprise
KR: Lunch v2.2 of the mobile app
KR: Integrate with SalesForce
KR: Switch to the new onboarding flow
KR: Run 12 paid campaigns

5. OKRs as Performance Evaluators

OKRs do not function as formal agreements between managers and employees; rather, they serve as tools employed by managers to enhance their performance. A key aspect of how managers leverage OKRs is through clear and transparent communication regarding their objectives and the metrics for measuring success. While there’s a common misconception that OKRs are aimed at boosting commitment, intensifying effort, and fostering accountability among individuals, some managers attempt to link performance evaluations, compensation, and promotions to OKRs. Although setting reasonable goals can encourage individuals and teams to surpass their limits and accomplish more, the actual enhancement arises from the clarity, focus, consistency, and understanding of the impact associated with the defined goals.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
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How to build

winning teams with KPI?

Hey, I’m Shone Fone Ng. I’m determined to make a business grow. My only question is, will it be yours?

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How to build

winning teams with KPI?

Hey, I’m Shone Fone Ng. I’m determined to make a business grow. My only question is, will it be yours?

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.
If you want my team at DoerHRM to help you build a winning team for your company, just click to speak with our KPI consultant.

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