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DoerHRM's Corporate Training and Development Program For Employees

DoerHRM’s Corporate Training and Development Program is an investment in your employees’ future. By investing in our program, you can help them develop the skills they need to be successful in their careers. This will lead to increased productivity, improved morale, and a more competitive organization.

Team Building (Corporate Training and Development)

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DoerHRM: Corporate Training Programs for Crucial Areas of Your Organization

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Driving Organizational Transformation and Developing a Resilient Workforce are vital aspects of any successful company. At DoerHRM, we offer comprehensive training solutions to help your organization thrive and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape With our expertise, your organization can experience significant growth and enhanced performance.

Our Corporate Training Programs are designed to address various crucial areas.

 Conflict Management

  Workplace Communication

Leadership Development

Sales & Relationship Management.

Our solution for employee's Doerhrm training and development

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Effective Communication Workshop

At DoerHRM, we understand the importance of effective communication within an organization. Our tailored Communication Workshop is designed to bridge the gaps in workplace communication, fostering better collaboration and supercharging your company’s overall performance. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, employees will gain the skills needed to communicate more efficiently, leading to improved productivity and success.

Leadership Development Training

Building strong and effective leaders is at the core of organizational growth and success. With DoerHRM’s Leadership Development Training, we empower your employees to become better leaders who can drive transformative change within the company. Our program creates a culture of coaching, nurturing leadership qualities that inspire and motivate teams to achieve remarkable results.

Sales Training Program

At DoerHRM, we recognize the crucial role sales performance plays in a company’s success. Our Sales Training Program is designed to rebuild sales momentum and boost overall sales performance. Through a combination of expert insights, real-life scenarios, and hands-on practice, your sales teams will gain the necessary skills to excel in their roles and achieve exceptional results.


Highlighted Training Programs

At DoerHRM, we take immense pride in offering a range of Highlighted Training Programs designed to elevate your organization’s performance and empower your workforce. These carefully crafted programs are tailored to address critical aspects of corporate growth, ensuring that your employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

Effective Communication Workshop

Leadership Development Training

Sales Training Program

Conflict Management

Equip your teams with the skills to handle conflicts constructively. Our program focuses on resolving disputes and fostering a harmonious work environment.

Emotional Intelligence

Develop emotional intelligence in your employees to promote better decision-making, empathy, and understanding among team members.

Empathic Communication

Learn how to communicate with empathy, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere within your organization

Effective Feedback

Master the art of giving and receiving feedback, creating a culture of continuous improvement and growth..

Manager As Coach (MAC)

Empower your managers to become effective coaches, driving employee growth and development for enhanced team performance.

VUCA Change Management

 Equip your leaders with the skills to navigate volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) situations, fostering adaptability and resilience within the organization.

Situational Leadership

Develop versatile leadership capabilities that can adapt to different situations, leading to more effective and dynamic leadership.

Project Management

Strengthen project management skills in your teams, ensuring successful execution and delivery of projects on time and within budget.

The Art of Lead Management

Equip your sales teams with the skills to effectively manage leads and convert prospects into loyal customers

The Art of Ice Breaking

 Learn how to initiate engaging conversations and build rapport with potential clients, setting the stage for successful sales interactions.

The Art of Invitation

Master the art of crafting compelling invitations that entice prospects to learn more about your products or services.

The Art of Storytelling

Harness the power of storytelling to create emotional connections with your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Our Methodology - A Vision-Centric Model

At DoerHRM, we employ a Vision-Centric Model to ensure our training and development programs align perfectly with your organization’s goals and vision. we believe in a Vision-Centric Model for our Corporate Training and Development Programs. Our methodology is designed to ensure that every aspect of the training aligns with your organization’s goals and vision, enabling you to achieve long-term success and growth.

With our Vision-Centric Model, you can rest assured that the training and development initiatives we design for your organization are strategic, aligned, and results-driven. By investing in your employees’ growth and skills, you not only strengthen your workforce but also create a competitive advantage in the market.Our approach encompasses four critical stages:

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Vision Alignment

At DoerHRM, we recognize the importance of having a clear vision for your organization’s future. We work closely with your leadership team to understand your company’s goals and align our training objectives accordingly. By ensuring that our training directly contributes to your vision, we create a more purpose-driven and impactful learning experience for your employees.

Experiential Learning

We understand that each organization is unique, with its specific challenges and opportunities. Our training modules are carefully curated to address your company’s distinct needs. Through hands-on, experiential learning, we provide real-life scenarios and practical exercises that empower your employees to apply their new skills and knowledge effectively.

Vision Reinforcement

Training is not a one-time event but an ongoing journey. We believe in providing continuous support to reinforce the learning objectives long after the training sessions. Our post-training activities, follow-up sessions, and coaching ensure that your employees stay motivated and retain the skills they have acquired, fostering lasting positive change within your organization.

Vision Evaluation

 Measuring the impact of training is crucial to gauge its effectiveness and ROI. DoerHRM conducts post-training evaluations to track the progress and impact of our programs on your organization’s goals. This evaluation process helps us identify areas of improvement and tailor future training sessions to meet your evolving needs better.

Why Us?

25+ Years of Training Experience

With 25+ years of experience, our corporate training programs are customized to perfectly match the unique needs of your organization, providing outcomes that can be quantifiably measured.

Trust Our Training Programs

Global corporations have placed their trust in our training programs, showcasing our proficiency in delivering effective solutions for sizable and intricate organizations.

Seamless Learning Process

we ensure a seamless experience when it comes to enriching your workforce through our comprehensive corporate training approach. Our holistic methodology covers all facets of the learning process.

Tailored Training Excellence

Discover the tailored brilliance that DoerHRM offers through our customized training programs. Designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, our programs result in relevant, engaging, and effective training experiences.


Our Trainers

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Ng Shone Fone (Shone) is a serial entrepreneur with a track record spanning back to 1997. He excels as a strategist and dedicated business owner, holding prominent leadership positions in ten thriving enterprises. His ventures encompass start-ups in industrial equipment import and distribution, equipment manufacturing and export, instrument repair, ISO 17025 calibration, and material testing services. Additionally, Shone leads businesses in software development, business consultancy, and provides technical and soft skills training.



Melvin Chong has close to 13 years of practical, hands-on experience designing and implementing learning solution, people development
programs, organisation development, performance management and employee engagemnet initiative for conglomerates companies
such as Country Heights Holdings Berhad and Sunway Malls.

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