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DoerHRM OKR Software

In DoerHRM, we provide flexible pricing plans that suit your needs

Choose Your Plan

Simple plans. Simple prices. Only pay for what you really need.
All plans come with best 24/7 customer support. Upgrade or cancel your plan at any time.

Doer Perform

S$ 4
Per User Mthly
Billed Annually
  • S$7 Per User / Billed Monthly
  • DoerGoal
  • DoerKeyMetrics
  • DoerBenchmark
  • DoerPlan
  • DoerTalk
  • DoerCalendar
  • OKR [Objective Key Results]
  • Confidence Level
  • Team Alignment
  • Doer Action
  • Team Feedback
  • Business Metrics
  • KPI [Key Performance Indicator]
  • Monthly Planning
  • Weekly KPI
  • Daily Check In
  • Progress & Problem Status
  • Weekly Report
  • Manager Feedback
  • 1-on-1 Meeting
  • Group Meeting
  • Team Work Calendar

Doer PerformPlus

S$ 10
Per User Mthly
Billed Annually
  • S$13 Per User / Billed Monthly
  • Doer Perform +
  • DoerInfo
  • DoerView
  • DoerLeaderBoard
  • DoerClass
  • DoerBudget
  • DoerWallet
  • DoerBonus
  • Everything in Doer Perform
  • Competency Evaluation
  • 360° Feedback
  • Leader Board
  • 9 Box Matrix Profiling
  • Budget & Compensation
  • Performance Recognition
  • Commission Calculation
  • Bonus Calculation
  • P.P.P. & OKR Dashboard

Doer Perform Enterprise

Contact Us
  • Doer PerformPlus +
  • DoerBlueprint
  • DoerHealthCheck
  • DoerSWOT
  • DoerEduPlan
  • DoerFuture
  • DoerAnnounce
  • Everything in Doer Perform Plus
  • Strategy - Priority - Initiative
  • Health Check
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Employee Development Plan
  • Succession Planning
  • Announcement & Knowledge Resources

Doer Perform Plus Lite

Up to 15 employees
$ 30 per month, billed annually
  • Good for Growing Small Business
  • Starter Pack
  • Exclude Budget & Compensation
  • Exclude Commission Calculation
  • Exclude Bonus Calculation


Add On
$ 6 Per month, billed annually
  • 10G attachment and file memory

Discover The Best OKR Software in Minutes

DoerHRM OKR Software tools that provides you the most simple way to execute your strategy and builds teams that perform!

Doer Goal

Set strategy and goals, empower your employees to think and act strategically to deliver outstanding results.​

Doer Key Metric

Measure and track performance, level up transparency and rethinking the way to drive organizational success.

Doer Plan

Create a weekly and daily actionable plan, keep your team continuously progressing and in line.

Doer Talk

Manage 1 on 1 meetings with your people, build coach – based relationships and transform employees performance.

Doer View

Provide a seamless performance feedback with all parties involved, see the full picture of yourself and your employees.

Doer Health Check

One-of-a-kind employee rating system, ensure maximum support and understanding from each department.

Doer Announcement

Announce, share, and save your upcoming activities, keep pace with your projects while reducing administrative tasks.

Doer Info

Build employee profiles, create a model in the goal attainment phases, understand what makes your employees successful.

Doer Benchmark

Set the standards for performance, estimate progress, identify the areas you are doing well and the areas needing improvement.

Doer Blueprint

Create and manage your business plan, market and grow your business, approach your goals with confidence.

Doer Bonus

Provide bonuses where it matters most, increase motivation and boost your employees’ performance.

Doer Wallet

Maintain a healthy, well-organized budget, get a whole picture of your finances in one place.

Doer Budget

Manage your time and resources every single day, protect your company from unnecessary losses.

Doer Future

Map out a better and faster succession plan, ensure your company always has the right person in place for any situation.

Doer Edu Plan

Perform employee retention planning, save your best employees—strong, effective leaders.

Doer Class

Place people into 9 boxes of different types of leadership behaviors, identify the highest potential leadership talent.

Doer Leader Board

Incentivize performance, place your team members in a top slot, and make top employees feel rewarded and honored.

Doer Calendar

Plan, assign, and update tasks, keep track of your progress and get up to date at any time – all on your calendar.


Analyze, assess, and improve outcomes, foster team and management, empower employees to make improvements.

Simple and Powerful OKR Software

Delivering Powerful OKR Software to help you to reach your business goals! Contact us today for your no obligation FREE Consultation.