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Free OKR Tools

The OKR System That Makes a Difference

To establish a business culture focused on achieving results, you can obtain the DoerHRMs complimentary OKR system and tools.

Free OKR System

Features of DoerHRM


Link team OKRs to company objectives to see how far all teams have progressed.


Set KPI objectives and thresholds separately from Key Results.


Make daily and weekly goals to help you achieve your OKRs.

Baseline & Metrics

Draw performance comparisons between the past and the present.

1-on-1 Meeting

Use 1:1s to clear up any questions you have regarding the OKR cycle.


Make your own daily tasks and deadlines and monitor them yourself.

How It Works

Company OKRs

Leaders establish Company Objectives to guide teams in the direction they need to go for the quarter.

Weekly Check-ins

Connected to the Team’s Objectives, allowing you to see how these strategies will help you achieve your goal.

Team OKRs

Teams create Objectives and Key Results that will help the company achieve its goal.

OKR Meetings

A regular meetings attended by the team members who are working on the same OKRs to ensure their OKRs are on track.

Free OKR System for 14 days

Unlock progress tracking with DoerHRMs’ free OKR system. Discover the plans that propel your OKRs forward. Ensure everyone in your organization has access to this vital information. Act now and optimize your performance!

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