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How Resellers Can Benefit from DoerHRM’s All-in-One Performance Management Solution

How Resellers Can Benefit from DoerHRM's All-in-One Performance Management Solution

Discover how Reseller Malaysia can benefit from DoerHRM's comprehensive cloud-based performance management solution.Sign up for a personalized demo today!

About DoerHRM

Welcome to DoerHRM, your go-to partner for Performance Management solutions and business coaching. As a Malaysia-based reseller, we offer top-of-the-line software and coaching services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, and organizations in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdoms, and beyond.

At DoerHRM, we believe in facilitating positive change and empowering companies to build winning teams and grow strategically and efficiently. Our comprehensive Performance Management solution and human-centric coaching models are designed to help you accelerate your company’s growth. We offer a range of educational resources, including webinars, blogs, social media, and online courses, to equip leaders with the knowledge they need to make significant changes in their teams and organizations.

In addition, we provide training services to help leaders advance their leadership and management capabilities to the next level. Our step-by-step guidance, group coaching, and feedback are designed to help you build a strong culture of accountability and trust, which is crucial for achieving individual and organizational success.

At DoerHRM, we also deliver a scalable KPI & OKR framework through our four main pillars: goal setting, competency profiling, commitment building, and consistency instilling. We believe in focusing on priorities, lifelong learning, and frequent communication to improve our products and services continuously. Our team is always aligned and focused on the same direction with clear priorities, in a constant rhythm, to help you build a successful business.

Partner with us today to transform your client’s business into a high-performing workplace that prioritizes teamwork, productivity, and success.


DoerHRM KPI.OKR.HRM Software tools that provides you the most simple way to execute your strategy and builds teams that perform!



Align and connect employees to corporate goals


Tie KPI to balanced scorecards for organisational strategy


Empowers and encourages individuals to take responsibility


Provides a full perspectives of strengths and weaknesses

About Software Provider

About Shone Fone

Shone Fone is a Serial Entrepreneur for 10 SMEs since 1997, businesses ranging from equipment supply, manufacturing, equipment maintenance and ISO 17025 calibration service, HRM software development and training. He also an award winning entrepreneur of Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand – Book of The TOP Recognition.


What are the advantages of being DoerHRM's software reseller?

How to become DoerHRM's software reseller

To become DoerHRM’s software reseller, simply sign up for a free consultation with our performance management strategist.



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I have a great experience using DoerHRM website functions like check-in and OKR. It helps me make my plans well-organized so that it'll be easier for me to achieve my monthly goals. Furthermore, seeing green colour on my progress which indicates that I've managed to complete my work on time somehow makes me feel relieved and happy at the same time. It brings satisfaction to me knowing that I'm closer to achieving my goals.
Nur Amalin Nadyra binti Omar
Nur Amalin Nadyra binti Omar
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Such an excellent web-based software as it can note down user's plan for daily and weekly, progress of the work and also any issue or problem encounter. Adding to that, very helpful to team and person in order to achieve the goals successfully.
Nurhidayah Md Lajis
Nurhidayah Md Lajis
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First time ever experience using the system and it has help me in my daily planning. It helps me visualize my progress by listing my priorities for daily, weekly and monthly progress. It gives better management for achieving goals and solve problems.
Nukilan Biruni
Nukilan Biruni
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We at Nukilan Biruni has started to use this system. To be honest, this system provide so many features more than we need it. As a small company, this system will be helpful for its growth. Thank you William for the guidance!
Anna Tan
Anna Tan
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I was shown the system by William. I am impressed to see how comprehensive it is, from strategy build up to cascading key result areas to KPI. This allows employees to have a line of sight how their objectives are linked to the company’s goals and their contribution. Teams have transparency over members’ goals and projects they are working on.
Cheryl Lai
Cheryl Lai
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It’s a good session. Being a HRM and one of my key strength is about improving and transforming companies culture and developing organisation behaviours. Sometimes, you face bottle neck moment, this session actually refreshes myself and give me motivation to continue going!
Ammy Syahana Sapie
Ammy Syahana Sapie
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First time using this kind of system and it is a good experience. It helps me to manage better in planning for the day. Also I can put up my priorities straight and able to achieve it. I think by using this software, we can actually be better in managing especially when working since it allows a top-down and bottom-up approach among everyone.

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