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We are OKR Coach Singapore. In DoerHRM, we provide flexible pricing plans that suit your needs.

Coaching Packages

Choose suitable coaching package that fulfill your need.


12 Hours
MYR 1,920
  • MYR 160 / Hour
  • Suitable if you need a little bit help and support


24 Hours
MYR 2,600
  • MYR 150 / Hour
  • Fit for you’re if your medium sized company and fresh with OKRs


48 Hours
MYR 6,720
  • MYR 140 / Hour
  • Commensurate for large companies and complex OKR business program

Per Hour

MYR 250
  • 3 hours on boarding + 1 hour of coaching - OKR Coach Malaysia
  • If you like to trial DoerHRM OKR Cach Singapore or have a few queries about it

Coaching Packages

Choose suitable coaching package that fulfill your need.

Small​ (S)Medium (M)Large (L)Without Coaching Package​
Data import1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour
Onboarding and Configuration1 Hour1 Hour2 Hour1 Hour
OKR and Tutoring1 Hour6 Hour12 Hour1 Hour
KPI2 Hour2 Hour2 Hour
Team Coaching1 Hour3 Hour3 Hour
One-on-one mentoring2 Hour6 Hour12 Hour
Changing your strategy into Strategic OKRs1 Hour1 Hour2 Hour
Translating your strategy to KPIs & OKRs for Teams and Individuals1 Hour2 Hour4 Hour
Design your goals problem1 Hour1 Hour2 Hour
Health Check1 Hour1 Hour2 Hour

Coaching Package Options Details

Choose suitable coaching package that fulfill your need.

Small​ (S)Medium (M)Large (L)Without Coaching Package​
Total Hour12 Hour24 Hour48 Hour3 Hour
Committed Coach
Data Import
Execution Resources and Onboarding Strategy
Online OKR Training


Have questions? We’d love to help! Please contact DoerHRM OKR Coach Singapore [email protected]

Your plan will be billed upon ordered. An invoice will be sent and your account will be activated after signing the order form.

You can choose, it is optional. Implementing the OKR of the company requires planning and practicality to thrive. Our Coaching Packages will increase your chances of success. There is a lot of evidence that using the coaching program, they have successfully implemented the OKR in their first year.
Each package that DoerHRM provides has a different number of hours, the appropriate package will depend on the hours you need. If you are interested in Coaching that DoerHRM provides. We recommend you to buy our “Large” package from the beginning, as the hourly price will be lower and well worth it. If you need help choosing the right package for your company, we are happy to ask you to contact us at, [email protected]
No, the Coaching services will not automatically renew.
All DoerHRM user data is securely stored by us, as we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) SSL to allow sensitive information such as credit card data, usernames, passwords and other important information to be transmitted search the server to the client or vice versa because the data sent is read (encrypted).
The entire DoerHRM team is located in Malaysia. Trainers are able to work at different times to meet DoerHRM user requirements. Please contact DoerHRM to book your seat now! [email protected]

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