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Mini-Workshop for Team Management and Leadership Development

2-Hour Training Course: A powerful mini-workshop that is jam packed with real-life tools, guidance, & a winning leadership strategy for creating a fully engaged and highly productive culture for your organization.
In this Mini-Workshop, You'll
  • Understand the importance and purpose of strong performance management
  • Learn how to create and implement a robust performance management process
  • Create a strategy based performance management framework and plan that aligns to cultural and financial business outcomes
  • Identify key behaviours required in performance planning by recognising how to commit and promote ongoing performance management, rather than simply the performance review
  • Discover how to spot the warning signs of poor performance and take pre-emptive action
  • Understand motivation in the work place and how to achieve the most from your employees
  • Learn ways to reward good performance, both financially and non-financially
  • Ensure that all team members understand and commit to their goals, and are clear about how their progress will be measured
  • Discover how to provide effective coaching and deliver constructive feedback
  • Effectively prepare for the performance review
  • Provide timely, effective actual reviews, practicing the ‘art of no surprises’


About the Course

Managers, do you find yourself spending your days swiping between work tasks and you constantly feel like you’re one step behind?
Do you lack the time, energy and resources to get things done?
Do your teams working too hard BUT not achieving their goals?
If you answered yes to those questions — then you need DoerHRM Mini-Workshop!

As a manager, one of your primary concerns and responsibilities involves managing the performance of your business unit and the people who report to you. This presents a wealth of unique challenges ranging from the personal to the professional, and it’s your job to deal with them.

Many performance issues are left to have a much larger impact than they should – when corrective action is often the only option. If the issues and causes are dealt with in the early stages it can save you and your organisation a huge amount in terms of time and resources. There is a much better way!

This course will help you plan, execute, assess and review performance by adopting a proactive approach to performance. It will equip you with a workable set of tools and a framework for managing performance that can be implemented for any individual, team or within any organisational environment.

This ground-breaking training program has been specifically designed for managers, not HR people. It’s for managers who want a complete, practical and proven approach to the realities of performance management.

If you ever have to manage and minimise the effects of poor performance, this course will dramatically increase your chances of a successful and desired outcome.

Managers invariably find themselves spending the bulk of their time dealing with the performance of their weakest team members. This is usually at the expensive of investing more time with the strongest team members, who are often responsible for the bulk of performance success. This course will help you address this common imbalance!

Build a High-Performing Team with DoerHRM Mini-Workshop

You will be taken step by step through the intricacies of managing poor & good performance; covering everything from how to run performance reviews; setting benchmarks & objectives; key motivational & behavioural considerations; the role of the manager in maintaining performance & many other key topics.

The course is essential for all managers and leaders who recognise that an effective approach to performance management is an essential set of skills that they must develop.

It will prove invaluable for experienced managers who want to develop their skills to a higher level. It will also be essential for managers who have had no formal exposure or training with regards to managing performance.

Online & On-site Training

Deliver this course how you want, where you want, when you want! Talk to us about an online/on-site customized solution.

Course Detail

Your Performance Management Coach

Shone Fone, a performance management Coach, leads this mini-workshop for leaders. He helps people, teams, and organizations develop powerful objectives and reap the benefits of performance management and KPIs.

The DoerHRM mini-workshop is for individuals at all levels, from individual team members to managers, who set and realize objectives by creating strong personal goals as well as goals that cascade across their company.

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